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Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd. is the largest cable network services company in the state of Kerala, India and one of the largest such companies in the world. Started in 1993, Asianet Satellite Communications has today grown in size and reach. Its cable network services operate from over 40 centres spread throughout Kerala and touch over half a million homes and establishments.
The Asianet cable network carries upto 70 channels. It includes seven exclusively-owned channels which are only cable-cast over our network, namely Asianet Cable Vision (ACV, a news, events and movie channel), Jukebox (interactive video music channel), Medley (another interactive video music channel), Swathi (audio music channel), CCC (cine cable channel) RoseBowl(network information channel) and Jyothi (education channel).
Proud to be a technology-driven organisation, Asianet has an enviable reputation of providing high quality CATV access and excellent customer support. In keeping with worldwide developments towards convergence in Video, Voice and Data technologies, Asianet is on the road to becoming a genuine provider of Broadband network services.
Asianet Satellite Communications Ltd. is today an Internet Service Provider in the State of Kerala. With a view to ensure high bandwidth availability, Asianet has set up its own International Satellite Gateways at Trivandrum and Cochin. Asianet Internet Service is already available in Trivandrum and Cochin cities.
The company is also geared to implement an ambitious plan to create an Information Highway by laying an Optical Fibre backbone that would provide State-wide connectivity and also inter-link the company's various local networks.
Asianet's ISP operations would also help create a great deal of synergy for its CATV services. The ongoing upgradation of the network into a Hybrid Fibre Co-axial one would enable the company to offer upto 500 channels in the near future and open up new vistas in the form of the Web TV and Interactive multimedia services. As an ISP, Asianet looks at being a user-friendly provider of Internet access, Web-services, E-commerce services, Data and voice Connectivity services. With the internet advantages of the DATA over CABLE System. The Asianet DataLine services promises to be an unique opportunity for users to taste NETWORK SERVICES WITH A DIFFERENCE.
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